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Air Clean Odour Absorber

Our unique Air Clean odour absorber cassette is highly effective at removing all organic odours from pets, smoking, cooking, body odour, body fluids and incontinence.

Bio25 air cleaner gel refills, click to enlargeThe system is so effective because of the unique odour absorber contained in the gel, the fact that the air is circulated by a powerful fan, and because the odour absorbing molecules are in the air proactively waiting for any mal-odour to arise.

The gel cassettes can be supplied without a fragrance (neutral) or with a fragrance if preferred. The cassette also contains a filter to remove dust particles.

  • Neutral - odour neutraliser with no fragrance
  • Citron Vert - a fresh citrus lemon odour neutraliser
  • Lavender - made from the Lavender crop with odour neutraliser
  • Peche Champagne - a delicate peach bouquet with odour neutraliser
  • Mixed Berries - a warm and fruity aroma with odour neutraliser
  • Sweet Apple - a zingy apple fragrance with odour neutraliser

air clean gel odour absorber, click to enlargeThe AirClean fan unit has the power to circulate the odour absorbing molecules from the large gel cassette around the room.

Other features are: two speeds, economy and high; 25 sq meters capability; can be moved from room to room easily; power consumption of only 12 watts; 100% biodegradable; confirms to all Electrical safety standards.

odour absorbing gel refill, click to view bigger picturePrivate homes, residential and nursing homes, hospices, hospitals,nurseries, pet and fishing bait shops, even undertakers, in areas from Aberdeen to Somerset in Britain, have found this system invaluable in combating unavoidable unpleasant malodours.

Special Offer:
Air Clean unit + 3 gel cassettes:  £39.95 + VAT - click here to buy now
Air Clean unit (no cassettes): £19.45 + VAT - click here to buy now


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