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Air fresheners and freshening products

Air fresheners can help provide clean fresh air for all, with a wide range of air freshening products available.  We supply many gel based odour eating products, and an aerosol solution with automatic freshening options.

our odour eaters provide a range of air freshner fragrancesIt doesn't matter what kind of area you want to freshen, whether it's a lounge, a kitchen, a pet area - we can provide an air freshening solution to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Ideal air fresheners for offices and areas where people are active in large groups, an automatic solution is also available for washrooms and toilet areas where fragrance may be needed continuously.

We can help you with air fresheners to remove everyday odours and freshen stale air, removing tobacco smoke from smoking rooms and helping you to provide 24 hour freshness - whatever your requirements.

For air fresheners for stronger smelling odours you can rely on our aersol and gel fragrances - they won't let you down - whatever your problem.

Aerosol air freshening systems, automatic
Automatic air fresheners are very popular with our customers, and automatic dispensers can freshen a room when you want them to with time setting options.

Microspray aerosol air freshenerYou will find 2 different starter kits to help you get started with automatic aerosol fresheners, the Bobson and the Microspray.  

Bobson aerosol air freshening, click hereRefills for all of these air fresheners are available to you mail order direct and you can be ordered online for ease.  Click Here for details.

Click here to visit our odour eaters page - these are mainly gel based products designed to actively clean the air around you.

For a wide range of air fresheners which can purify the air, click here.



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