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Air sterilisers and germ free environments

Air sterilisers are a popular method of destroying airbourne bacteria and viruses.  The Germokill and AirFree help to prevent viruses like flu from spreading around an office or home.

germokill germicidal uv air sterilisersThe Germ-o-kill uses a germicidal lamp using UV-C light radiation to remove airbourne viruses and bacteria.  Designed by Philips.  Harnessed by Germokill.  Click here for further information about the Germokill air steriliser.

Click here to visit the Germokill website for more details.

AirFree mould and spore removal air sterilisersThe AirFree air sterilising unit kills bacteria and viruses, mould and mildew spores in the air, and also destroys pollen giving a more healthy environment in an area for vulnerable people, relieving asthma, hayfever and allergies.

Click here for more information about the AirFree air steriliser.

Air Purification Systems recommend both the Germokill and the AirFree air sterilisers.


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