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The BioAirStyle 60 air cleaner purifier continuously monitors the number of persons and the air pollution within the coverage area and automatically adjusts the fan speed to suit.  The speed will automatically vary from minimum through normal, high and to high high and back down over a period of about 20 minutes or until the air quality has improved sufficiently.

Polluted air is drawn into the bacteristat filter, a special 6 stage filter system impregnated with an anti-bacteria/fungi formulation.    

The filter effectively traps pollen, traffic polution, smoke and dust and kills fungus and bacteria, reducing airborne contamination.  The bacteristat in the filter reduces the growth of bacteria which causes malodor.  The activated carbon element of the filter absorbs odours.

The filter is 95% efficient at 0.3 microns (99% at 1 micron).

An optional odour absorber gel block may be mounted in the air stream from the machine.

If fitted the air passing over the gel odour absorber block carries odour absorbing molecules into the air eliminating odours.  The gel block is available with or without a fragrance - most people however prefer a fragrance.

Bio 60 bacterial filter air cleanerThe special odour absorber deals with any organic odour including tobacco, body odour, pet odours, body fluids and odours associated with particular diseases.


The Bio 60 remote control unitFragrances for the obsorber block: Citron vert, Peche Champagne, Sud-Est or Lavender or - Neutral without a fragrance.

Supplied with a remote control the 'Bio Air Style 60' unit can be operated from a distance of 5 metres.

The Bio 60 is available with or without an odour eater.

Bio 60 unit: £280 + VAT - click here to buy now
Replacement bacterial filter: £18.95 + VAT - click here to buy now


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