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Germ-O-Kill Air Steriliser

Germokill Philips germicidal UV C air steriliser - click to enlargeViruses are spread from person to person on the air we breath and given that one sneeze can project 100,000 droplets, 10 metres at 99 mph its not supprising that colds and deseases spread rapidly in offices, workshops, schools the home and other places where people spend time together.

The GERMOKILL air steriliser with its powerful Philips UV C germicidal sterilamp is designed to combat this situation killing all types of known bacteria and viruses sterilising the air.

How Germ-o-kill works:

  • first air is drawn through a particle filter at the top of the unit.
  • Next the air is passed through a baffle chamber, where  powerful ultraviolate light from uv-c tubes destroy harmful bacteria and viruses in the air.
  • After this the sterilised air is returned to the surrounding environment, completing the germicidal UV C lamps technologyair sterilising and purifying process.

UV-C germicidal lamps have been used to effectively kill most forms of bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeast. It is an effective tool to combat "Hospital Acquired Infection" and also "Sick Building Syndrome".

Germokill air sterilising germicidal UV sterilampWe can recommend the Germ-o-kill Germicidal Lamp for indoor air quality in any of the following:

Replaceable UV-C tubes keep the Germokill operating at full power - click to enlarge

  • Medical - hospitals, surgeries, nursing and residential homes
  • Offices - target the spread of flu, common colds!
  • Nursing/Residential Homes - prevent spread of infection amongst those weakest
  • Catering Areas - all preparation areas can benefit from cleaner air
  • Waiting rooms - environments where ailing individuals gather - reduce the risk of infection
  • Aviaries - perfect for keeping these areas hygienic and protecting valuable birds

    White:   £160 + VAT each - buy now click here
    Replacement UVC tubes: £33 + VAT each - buy now click here
    Dimensions: 60cm x 42cm x 16cm
    Replacement tubes should last for 9-12 months or 8000 hours. After 5000 hours the effectiveness of the tube will reduce by 15%.

  • Note: Bird flu is a virus,
  • MRSA is a resistant bacteria


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